A cross-organizational cybersecurity event

The Inter-Agency Information security awareness month is a cross-organizational cybersecurity event that offers a programme of activities aimed to raising staff awareness. Every participating agency will be offering a variety of events, from briefing sessions, to live-demos or panel discussions, and all seek to engage with the staff and delegates to underscore the importance of the role every individual plays in addressing the current cybersecurity challenges, be it at home or at the workplace. Among others, the offer this year addresses the following subjects:

  • Social Engineering and phishing
  • Password management
  • Social Media, cloud
  • services and your privacy
  • Trends and innovation
  • Personal computing and cyber safety
  • Identity theft

We hope that you will find it interesting and count on your participation, everybody from the international community is welcome, regardless of the organizing agency, so please have a look at the programme and join us!

Programme October 2019


Participating Organisations

The Global Fund
International Computing Centre
International Telecommunication Union
United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
International Labour Organisation
United Nations Human Rights Council
The World Trade Organization
World Intellectual Property Organization
World Health Organization
United Nations Office at Geneva
Regional Technology Center - Europe